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SKR v1.4 is BIGTREETECH’s latest control board for 3D printers and CNC machines.

Carrying its predecessor’s success, SKR v1.4 quickly becomes the most famous and best selling control board in 2020.

A lot of new features are added since v1.3.

It now supports WiFi communication and RGB lights.

Unlike the SKR v1.4 Turbo, SKR v1.4 uses LPC1768 chips running at a but slower clock speed.

However, it does not lower its performance by much.

It is still a very good budget choice over the SKR v1.4 Turbo.

  • Item Type: Control Board
  • Model Number: BIGTREETECH SKR V1.4
  • Material: 4-layer PCB
  • MCU: 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M3 – NXP LPC1768FBD100
  • Maximum Clock Frequency: 100 MHz
  • Wifi Module: ESP-01S
  • Dual Z-axis Interface
  • Fan Support: 1 x CNC always on fan, 3 x Frequent fan
  • Interfaces: I2C, SPI, Wifi, Closed loop drive, RGB light belt, DCDC mode power module
  • Input Voltage: DC12V – DC24V
  • Current: 5A – 15A
  • Support Display: 2.8 “TFT, 3.5” TFT, LCD2004, LCD12864
  • Support Driver: TMC2226, TMC2209, TMC2208, TMC2130, ST820, DRV8825, A4988, etc.
  • Support File Format: G-code
  • Recommended Software: Simplify3D, PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, Cura, Pronterface, Repetier-host, Makerware
  • Support Firmware: Marlin2.0 , Smoothieware
  • Temperature Sensor Interface: TH0, TH1, TB, 3 channel 100K NTC (thermal resistance)
  • Removable Fuses
  • Place of Origin: Shenzhen, China

We are BIGTREETECH authorized distributor.

Our stocks are imported directly from BIGTREETECH factory.

Don’t worry about quality. It is the original.

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